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The Games

This project will have multiple game concepts.

Helping the Cryptrolls

This is the story of the Trolls, the ones who warned the people. And the people do know but are not able to make a real change. By helping the trolls, people can now enter the Cryptrolls metaverse and create a better version of the world and themselves in Cryptland. Assisting the Cryptrolls is a crucial part of entering the metaverse, Cryptland.
Without helping the Cryptrolls, it is not possible to get to Cryptland. Helping them in combination with owning an NFT is what's needed to enter. NFT's can be bought at our marketplace. Because we want this game to be accessible for all players, also those who have not much budget to start with, an entry NFT can be won by playing the entry game. The difference between pre-buying and winning an NFT is the minimum required play levels to be achieved in the " Helping the Cryptrolls " game. It takes significantly more time to get through the entry game when having no pre-bought NFT

Cryptland will be a safe heaven

Cryptland can also be called "Home." It will be a financial-based economy. Here people can buy, sell, create-sell, rent, be hired, and much more. Anything is possible. We expect when people build up their digital living, they would rather not be scared that their property or other possessions can be stolen or destroyed. This would create too much of a barrier for entry. So home will be a peaceful world without crimes, with no fear of invasions or wars to fight. Those who like to battle, fight or kill can travel to other worlds and enjoy that part over there.

Multiple Worlds

This will be the ultimate gaming experience within one overall concept. Multiple worlds will be created where players can enjoy various game experiences, violent or non-violent. Explore other parts of the world, go into space and discover new recourses, fight aliens, battlefields to fight against one another for trophies, money, or competitions.