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Play2earn, for and by the players.
DeFi will play a crucial role in gaming as well as in the DAO. Therefore the Cryptrolls project will cooperate with one of the innovative DeFi projects on Cardano to get this implemented best way possible.

Develop to become a DAO

The DAO's, Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, are the latest innovative developments rising out of the blockchain world. A Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), sometimes called a Decentralised Autonomic Corporations (DAC), is an organization represented by rules encoded as a transparent computer program, controlled by the organization's members, and not influenced by a central government. The game should be run and owned by those who used it, the gamers as a group.
This project will start with a small team group of founders, developers, and advisors. It will eventually develop into a DAO structure. A decentralized organization where the players can own their gaming world. The founders are convinced this is the best and fastest way to get through the start-up and realization process.

DAO treasure and governance

The DAO will become a treasury for all the games which will be developed within the DAO. This treasury will be created through a strong liquidity program in which staking and farming (LP) are the key components. The DAO treasure will be a liquidity provider to the crypto market. This has a lot of potential in generating yield and building a substantial treasury. A strong staking / LP, the project expects to attract the needed capital for this. Besides interest, the DAO will use funds to invest in the games for maintenance, development, and marketing purposes for token holders.
Governance plays a significant role in a DAO. It's the way the DAO functioning. By owning DAO tokens, one can have a role within the DAO and or have voting rights to guide the development of the DAO and gaming.

Governance rights

By holding a combination of NFT's and tokens people can take part in the DAO and can have governance rights.