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Trolls come to life

Cryptrolls as NFT's

From story and concept to game usability, the NFT technology let the Cryptrolls come to life. NFT's are the visible and digital proof of the existence of the Cryptrolls. Besides unique collectibles, these NFT's give presence and represent utility in the game. Since NFT's are unique digital assets, they form the bridge/connection between gaming and crypto.

Own unique in and of game assets

Through blockchain technology, it's possible to give digital assets uniqueness, scarcity and makes them tradeable. These combined can give NFT (financial) value. This gives it the base for the development of the " Play to Earn " concept. This means that the gaming is built on the NFT's; all assets, items, belongings in the game are NFT's and have ownership

Game utilities

The NFT's will have utilities in the game. This varies per NFT. Most of the utilities will be in the metadata of the NFT. Utilities can be added through airdrops at a later moment.

NFT's are subject to wear and tear

To create a healthy Play2Earn model, developing a natural functioning economy is essential. One crucial tool in this is that many NFT's are subject to wear and tear. Therefore, replacements, maintenance, and nursing of items/belongings will be present. This supports the gamification of the economic model for an extended-lasting gaming concept.

Revenues NFT sales

The NFT will have a function for both the seller, the project, and the buyer. First, the NFT's sales are one of the primary income sources at the beginning of the project. The revenues out of the NFT sales will be reinvested in the project to develop it.

Collectibles, special, limited editions

Special or limited editions NFT's can be minted and sold, airdropped or give away. Not all special or limited editions will have game utilities.

Land NFT's

The First land parts will be sold through a special NFT sale. Later in-game land and other forms of property can be bought through NFT's. This can also be on the re-sale market.


An in-game marketplace will be available to buy, sell, exchange NFT's.

In-game creation and minting of NFT's

This project has developed its own live minting protocol. It allows players to mint their NFT creations inside the game. These NFT's can be sold and bought. It's also possible to trade NFT to other NFT's.