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Cryptrolls, the story

The story

Since the dawn of time, the mysterious trolls of the crypt have defended mother nature's purity. Pulling the strings from behind the scenes, from under great bridges and musty mountain peaks, they have worked tirelessly to preserve the Earth from the greedy hands of humanity
Over many years an age, as the humans grew stronger, so did their ambitions. Enamored with mother nature's gifts, they set out, armed with pitchfork and torch, to lush the friendly trolls back into their ancient homes, far and deep into the crevices of the Earth, where, secluded from the world - they were forgotten, their existence woven into myth, folk tale, and legend - beckoning the age of human industrialization.
Now, in the modern age, as humanity approaches the brink of extinction, pollution threatens the very destruction of the Earth itself and the cryptrolls have awoken once more to fulfill their scared purpose. Against the relentless advance of the violent, technocratic machine that human civilization has become, from deep within the Earth, a council of trolls converge for an epic last stand.
And they need your helo. The cycle of exploitation must be stopped, and the clumsy humans kept from destroying themselves at all costs - on filthy factory at a time
As in the story is told, the Cryptrolls were always misunderstood. They were warning the people against themselves. Now they rise again, and it's time for the Cryptrolls to stop them once more, but now they will get help from people who also know it's time to act.

Cryptland, a warm-up for the Metaverse

Cryptland is the homeland for the Cryptrolls and everybody else who wants to join them. A whole society will be built here, the warm-up for the Metaverse. This is a building-society concept. Players have to build up their own existing. In-game resources need to be harvested, created, bought, or gained through gaming for building, living, and construction necessities. There will be various areas present in Cryptland, farming grounds, forests, cities, mountains, desserts, and more. All these are to be able to create a reality society. More will be explained in " The Games", next page.