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Investors & Partners

Increase value of project

Investment strategy

Each project needs capital to be able to start and get the required workforce to realize its vision. Investments in blockchain/crypto projects have seen the best and worst of human behavior. This project aims to make the best out of the possibilities this innovative market is offering. Investment through blockchain Venture Capitalists has been a common way of starting new projects as well as ICO's(Initial Coin Offerings) and IDO's ( Initial Dex Offerings). Mostly it's a combination of these possibilities. Lately, a new form called ISO(Initial Securities offering) has become popular. This project wants to put the smaller investors at the center of the investment strategy.
Although Venture Capital can be beneficial and tempting at the beginning of the start-up of projects like this, it also brings in the centrally organized mentality with it, which is that potential large profits end up with a small group of people. Cryptrolls will have another approach. From the start, Cryptrolls will focus on the project's end-users, the players—investments through the masses. It will give the players, the community, the chance to be early investors in their own projects. The majority of the funds will be raised through several investment rounds.

NFT sales are the first investment round

The launch and sale of the first NFT's will function as the first investment for this project. These generated. Besides the possibility to build a professional team, it also creates a form of financial independence.

IDO's and ISO's

After the first NFT sales, other investment tools will be used to generate the needed capital. A mix of private, seed- and public IDO's will be used. Which exactly when and how will be communicated at a later moment. The project is also researching the possibility of an ISO. Updates will follow.


Partnerships will be a crucial part of the development of this project. Specialized projects in specific areas will join this project—no need to build and develop everything from scratch when proven solutions are available. Therefore, there will be multiple partnerships rising during the realization of this project.